Over the years there has been much focus and debate on the word CHURCH, even to the extent that many people hate the word church, because the term has been improperly used, like ‘we are going to church’, or ‘I belong to so and so church’ meaning one is going to a meeting at a particular place. Doing so actually entrenches the idea of CHURCH being a meeting or a building, rather than a living organism. I have for about nearly three decades in using the term ‘church’ to speak of going to a place or meeting felt uncomfortable, but the word was so entrenched I didn’t what else to use.

Then of course the debate that says church is a wrong word as Jesus used the term ekklesia, and all that entails, however that is not the intent of this post, which is to simply get our focus of the world CHURCH as it has become and get our focus back on the Kingdom of God and its King.

The people who come together before their Lord and King to be taught about the Kingdom and their responsibilities is to be our focus, not a building or just another meeting we go to once or so a week because it is our duty. But rather a people who have been redeemed so as to find their creative purpose, be taught and encouraged to mature as people self-governed by the Word of God in all they are and do and disciple others as they are continuing as disciples.

So in trying to find a way though this dilemma as I have been working on a CHURCH plant which seemed at times to upset some people who even though they understood my heart and intent, it just seemed to focus on the “same old same old”, yet that is so far from what I have been working through the years as I focus on my life message and mission which is “The Re-establishing of the Centrality of the Kingdom of God”, for that is what the Gospel is all about. I was in staying with one of these friends for a couple of weeks that I asked the Lord how can I break the mold of calling what I want to see CHURCH. It was then that I had the distinct knowledge that Holy Spirit was impressing on me the idea of calling it The Embassy of The Kingdom. What does an Embassy provide for its citizens? Protection in time of need, resources for a mission or assignment, teaching, etc.

So as the journey to fulfill the mission continues, this is our aim.

Hence this site “Embassy of the Kingdom” to speak of a home or gathering place for The Church being the people of God that will partner, connect, or carry the spiritual DNA called “Kingdom Living”.

Connect with us to be kept up to date as we work to “Re-establish The Centrality of the Kingdom” that we can learn to as Paul stated “rule in this life through Christ Jesus our King” and see our families, neighborhoods, states and nations transformed, because the Kingdoms and the nations are His.

John D. McDonald [Kingdom Living]